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Upholstered Foam Seats & Mattress Repairs Empty Upholstered Foam Seats & Mattress Repairs

Post by Camping_Nut on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:22 pm

Hi Folks

We have a 1987 BA1200 tent trailer and have used it for 2 weeks a year or more every summer since the day we bought it. The canvass has been replaced once and the roof has been replaced too. However after we opened it up this season it looks like it will need to fix the roof again since we have water damage on the interior.

The foam mattress and seats were damp and we think mould has started to grow on the foam considering the musty smell. The foam is from the original manufacturer so it is old and a bit thin already and has become uncomfortable in the past few years so we were thinking about having it replaced with some thicker foam anyhow. The exterior fabric over the foam however is in great condition still and so is the vinyl backing and zippers.

Thanks to several other posts on this discussion forum it looks like we can handle the repairs ourselves for the rotting roof, so we thought while we are at it we should try to tackle the upholstery. Does anyone have any suggestions where we should buy the right foam to try to replace it ourselves? We don't have any idea where to find the supplies to do it ourselves or the costs involved. We are open to the idea of having it done professionally too (...if the costs are reasonable), but we don't know where in southern Ontario there is a place that can do this. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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