Modernizing my 76 BA1100 Bonair

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Modernizing my 76 BA1100 Bonair Empty Modernizing my 76 BA1100 Bonair

Post by Sir Golitech on Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:49 pm

Hello all and thank you for this forum. You guys/gals are a god send.

So let me start off by saying, we bought our trailer 7 years ago and done nothing to it for all this time(although it needed help)I could just not find the time to do anything. We have not used it in the time we have owned it. I must say though, for sitting around for 7 plus years with no care or attention given to it, it was no where near as bad as I imagined it could be.

I have been off work now for just over a year, due to an injured shoulder that requires surgery. I thought, yes, I have the time now :roll eyes:. So I started a roof rebuild, but decided to keep the spray foam and original roof top. But I beefed it up with some cross members. I reframed the entire roof, plywood and all. I had to buy new metal for the sides, but that wasn't hard(called my local metal shop and had them make me new pieces). I re painted the roof with rubberized snow coat rv paint.

Was thinking I would just caulk the corner roof trims back on, instead of buying butyl tape, but just today I found a local rv shop that has the tape. It was only $10 for a 3/4" roll that has 30' on it. One question I have for you people is, for those that have done a roof rebuild, did you find butyl tape in the metal track that runs around the perimeter of the bottom of the roof? Not sure if I should put some there or not, it didn't look like there was any there but I thought I would ask anyway.

I have been taking pictures of my progress and will share them with you soon.

The canvas is not that bad either. Sure there are a few rips here and there, but I'm just going to patch them for now with iron on patches. I need to ask the marine shop down the street how much for new canvas. A couple of places that I've seen on the web are asking around $2000 for the whole thing. The zippers are broken but I think for now I'll just get them fixed. The tarp store I deal with(Am Fab)said they can fix them for less the $100. Other than those items, it's just a matter of updating things to today's colours and patterns.

Looking forward to sharing more with you. Thanks for listening/reading
North Vancouver,BC

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