Just Bought Serial B1100 76-0001! Love it!

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Just Bought Serial B1100 76-0001! Love it! Empty Just Bought Serial B1100 76-0001! Love it!

Post by JohnCanada on Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:24 am

We just bought the first one off the line in 1976. Restoring it now. The end fairings were cracked in several places so we glassed and painted those. Last Coat going on today. Also the roof paint was wearing so we painted that. The lights all around are being restored. Have not even opened the top yet. When we looked at it we know the canvas has a few holes and zippers are in need of replacement.

The surge brakes on it I am doing a rebuild (they were empty and the hitch was frozen shut). I am considering redoing to electronic brakes tho and possibly inverting the axle leaf springs but may wait on that last one till fall.

Any advice on other repairs I have not thought of? Wife has put me in charge of the mechanicals and body while she does interior canvas, curtains, cushions and such.

Will post pics later.


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