1998 Bonair 600 Furnace Problems

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1998 Bonair 600 Furnace Problems Empty 1998 Bonair 600 Furnace Problems

Post by Vant55 on Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:15 pm

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Post by Vant55 Today at 2:03 pm
I have a 1998 Bonair 600. My furnace(propane) will work when I plug into power outlet, but if I try to use my new battery the furnace will not kick on, the fan comes on but the furnace will not light. I have noticed if I plug the trailer into a electrical source the fan will go faster then will light the furnace within a 30 to 60 seconds but when using the battery the fan is slower and will not light the furnace. I just bought the battery from Cosco(Kirkland Deep Cycle 750 marine cracking) and I put it on a charger just in case the battery was not fully charged. Also looking for an owners manual for this trailer.


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