repair corner seam of tip out

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repair corner seam of tip out Empty repair corner seam of tip out

Post by ctraynor on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:18 pm

Hi. I have a 1989 BA 3690FKD with two tip outs. It's permanently parked at a local trailer park/lake and has an addition and roof, so more like my cottage! Anyway, noticed today that the corner seam of one of the tip outs has come partly off and I can actually see sunlight from inside, there is some water leakage evident, but i don't think enough to have caused major structural damage. I did a quick fix with some duct tape then headed into town to research how to repair this. I should point out that I'm a single mom here who's been learning as I go when it comes to upkeep of the trailer, so fixing a corner seal from top of tip out to bottom is not a challenge i've faced yet. I've done a bit of research for online how-to videos and have an idea what I need to do, but could use some advice. I live in a remote town in Northern Ontario so an RV repair shop is not handy. So......what sealant/caulk should I use. Should I use some seal tape first, and if so, where does one get this? I plan to remove old caulk/sealant, clean things up, then reuse the old trim once I've finished applying new sealant. Does this sound like a good way to go?

appreciate any advice.



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