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Post by lowjane on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:12 pm

I have recently purchased a 1989 Bonair 1050 and i have had a few non crisis hickups and been able to rectify.
One of the signs of wear was the veneer through time has become a little tattered in one spot.
I went into Home Depot and found contact paper. Would you believe the same design and color?
It went on easily and I removed the cabinet door so i could make it look a little neater and fit over the old stuff.
You would never know!!
The roll cost me $4.99 for 22" X 10 feet, an affordable fix it for sure
If anyone is in the same boat and want to spruce up hope this post helps, I had thought of putting a moulding along the area as it was along the floor line, this was cheaper and no nails involved


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