My latest project. 1980 GMC class C

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My latest project. 1980 GMC class C

Post by RickyBoy on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:01 pm

This is a hand full. We purchased this little baby for 4 thousand bucks, at first we thought that we had made a great deal but the more I took stuff apart the more I found rot and stuff just falling apart...LOL! So far we've been kind of lucky most of the parts I've been able to salvage and restore but there is lots to do and mods to plan.

I've put together a slide show, some pics are good and some are bad but please feel free to ask any questions if you should have any.

The first year, my objective was to completely redo the sleeper over the cab, the year after that was supposed to be a couple of small upgrades but my wife started poking at the exterior walls and ceiling and found water and rot so....You'll see what that led to. LOL! Just click on the image and let the show take over.


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