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Post by carolineannef on Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:35 pm

Hello all,

We have just purchased an OH ZONE 2002 6 berth trailer tent, apparently Bonair took over this company some time ago, we bought it for 1000.00 CAD as one of the internal jacks / roof raisers / roof sliders / roof supports - (not sure of the terminology here, as I am Irish) has been damaged, I have been really lucky to locate a brand new one in Ottawa, but is there anybody out there that can relate to this and advise if there is another Bonair part that is similar / exact to the one that we require.
Many thanks for reading this, hopefully somebody out there will know something.

Sorry to change my story a little, I have just discovered that the trailer tent I have is a replica of the Bonair 800, if that is any good then great........


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bonair 800 - INTERNAL JACK Empty Re: bonair 800 - INTERNAL JACK

Post by RickyBoy on Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:41 am

I would check with a guy named Pierre Beaudry at Atelier de la Roulotte in Gatineau. This guy knows everything there is to know about campers and will even help you out for FREE. 819-669-1466

Let me know what you get, I'm curious.

Thanks for being part of the forum.


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