Replace icebox with fridge

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Replace icebox with fridge Empty Replace icebox with fridge

Post by Matting on Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:38 am

Hey bonair obsessors,

I recently purchased a 1993 bonair tent trailer. I paid $1200, which I think was a bit steep for the condition it's in.

Anyway, thanks to this forum I already replaced a snapped cable.

My next mission is to replace the ice box with a fridge. I have an old 3-way fridge that I salvaged out of a 1977 bonair. Has anyone ever attempted this feat? If so, are there instructions/pictures that I could follow along with?

I assume a hole has to be cut in the side to allow access to the back of the fridge etc.

Thanks and by the way I am hooked on this little pop up SOB. I have big plans to pimp this trailer out over the next few years and ill keep you posted.



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