2003 Bonair BA 800TT, awning, stove and electrical panel "beep"

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2003 Bonair BA 800TT, awning, stove and electrical panel "beep" Empty 2003 Bonair BA 800TT, awning, stove and electrical panel "beep"

Post by suomi780 on Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:15 pm

Happy "almost spring" everyone.  I'm new to the forum, so please pardon my stumbling along here on a first post.
I bought my wonderful Bonny in 2003, and I've looked after her rather well, but before next camping season I'd like to get a couple issues fixed.
1) Last fall, the electrical panel which has a small fan on it, started to make the propane detector (I think) "beep" when the fan started to "stall".  I know it wasn't sensing any propane because both tanks were shut off.  And when I gave the plastic grate on the electrical panel a "tap", the fan would start again and no more beeping.  Does this seem like a major repair issue or something I can tackle on my own?
2) Also, last summer, I had the two burner propane stove mounted on the outside wall, and a fellow camper had tried igniting the stove with a lighter but left the propane on too long, and it built up under the closed lid, and "whoomp" the fiberglass box the stove sits in began to melt where the propane lines go into it.  Fortunately no serious burns, or damage, other than to the stove, which I now need to replace.  Anyone know where to get one of these two burner stoves?
3)  The Trim Line Awning after 10+ years of use has started to rot, and I should get a new one.  Again, anyone know where I can find a replacement?  I think it's about 6 or 7 feet long.
Thanks for any help and/or direction.
Dave in Alberta


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