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Post by mikekay on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:18 pm

Greetings all. I purchased this Bonair with the intention of gutting it and rebuilding. The roof has leaked numerous times in numerous places and I am planning on removing and repairing the entire roof.

I have never owned a trailer before. I like this Bonair because it has a really great steel beam undercarriage which is in fine shape. The plumbing has been redone as well, but the rest of the trailer is rough and will be gutted.

My adviser thinks I'm crazy. Because what I'd like to do is redo the roof from scratch with a round structure, 18 inches high. To protect the roof over the winter, I built a round temporary structure out plastic electrical conduit, stretched a tarp over it, and it worked perfectly. And I thought to myself, if I have to redo the roof anyway, why not give me more room with an extra 18 inches in height, AND never have to worry about snow build up and so on cause the roof is round. Proof of concept - my design worked. Snow slide right off all winter. No build up.

There are two issues with this as far as I can tell. One, that the structure is not strong enough to support the extra weight - but remember, I am gutting the interior and can build in extra support. The second issue is what to build a round roof out of? I'm not a millionaire, so cost is important. But I plan on keeping this trailer for a long time - multiple uses - but eventually it will become a cottage.

Any feedback on my crazy plan would be most appreciated.

Also, has anybody ever seen like a blueprint for one of these trailers? I'd like to get a hold of one top see before I start gutting, what I am getting into.



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